Mel Sokotch

10. The illusive media threshold--How to find it

...Yes, it's true that Starbucks with its high-traffic locations didn't need advertising to build and maintain high awareness, but try creating a new supermarket coffee brand without at least threshold-level media support.

This, of course, begs two questions: How does one locate the threshold level? and, What does it cost? Like so many advertising questions, questions about "media threshold" produce all manner of response. This time there is no one right answer. But there is a sensible approach that can help most any brand approximate its threshold spending level.

Let's start with a basic understanding of the nature of brand awareness. The dictionary defines awareness as "having knowledge of." We typically have knowledge of things we consider important. Things not important, we tend to forget. And since most brands are not things of vital importance, we tend to forget them unless we're constantly reminded. Without frequent reminders, most brands get pushed to the back of our minds, or forgotten completely.

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